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User Info: Nonchalanto

4 years ago#1
So as I've been happily gaining friends and viewing the different towns, I've noticed mine is a little...dull, compared to some of the others. I'm a naturally OCD person so I keep all my blocks even and the same size, streets straight, etc. But I really admire some of the more creative ways people have designed their town layouts. So I was wondering if anyone would like to share how they came up with their layout, and perhaps help me to think of a way I can make mine more interesting but also not disrupt my OCD nature by making it appear messy and know, find that fine line.

(I'm thinking I'd like to do more with the river option especially, since it's free and also looks super cool when done well, but I'm looking to hear everyone's ideas.)

Thanks! :D
When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

User Info: Cyanocitta

4 years ago#2
I kind of have a small story in my head as I decide how to place my town.

I missed most of the Halloween events, but I have the 2 graveyards and the shop of horrors (blanking on the name right now..the red one) tucked away hidden from view by a nice tree line.

I don't like the look of the closely grouped together houses that people do earn extra cash. I had to buy a few extra to get 5 stars, and need to keep them close for lack of space, but I try to make each feel like an individual plot of land.

I have the Jebediah Springfield statue on a nice central plot surrounded by roads. Though its a square patch, I like to think its a car rotary around the statue.

I've spent way to much time thinking about my setup and it probably doesn't look half as nice as some people's though.

User Info: Kymie1988

4 years ago#3
I'm exactly the same as you, I'm very OCD with things, especially my layout. But I like to believe my town is really organised. I don't really have any tips, other than move things till you feel it's right an works. God knows how many times I've rearranged my town lol Anyone who wants to add me for tips please feel free. My ID is kymie1988

User Info: beam1249

4 years ago#4
I just put things together in orders that made sense to me. Once I finish getting some more land, I'm gonna rearrange it (again) though.

I have the power plant by some water with a lot of the science buildings like Frink's and his super collider. I have most of my public buildings around the center of town, like the town hall, channel 6, etc. I have a my business sections split up into 2, the upper class shops, and the lower class shops. I have a Qwik-E, Gulp, and Krusty Burger in each of them though, and try to keep it on opposite sides of the city. Then I have my residential area, with all the houses. I also have things like the school and church separating all the houses from public buildings, to give it a middle ground. I put the farm and the Muntz's house out in the boonies near a big forest.

User Info: CcHelfire

4 years ago#5
Beam1249 your town sounds a lot like mine I have the main houses together then the school the shops and main town buildings are in the middle the prison is on an island the farm and Muntz house are in my ghetto with the brown house's ( cept for the cool brown house ) and moe's

User Info: BR_777

4 years ago#6
here's my layout.
all my houses are together projects style.
on one side of the school is moe's and the other side is the prison across the street is the nuclear plant. the dog track is right behind it.
all the shops are toether and the retirement hospital is in between the graveyards.
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