Valentine's friends (Add me)

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User Info: Psyberfox

4 years ago#111
Up to Date with Valentine update

Please add me Carponen

User Info: Subzero91

4 years ago#112
Add me: Otherfield

User Info: gilltron

4 years ago#113
Add me gilltron5

User Info: ClawFF

4 years ago#114
Add me! Got the Valentine update, daily player!

ID: Clawff

User Info: Skinnyn420

4 years ago#115
Add plz on every night skinnyn420

User Info: Skinnyn420

4 years ago#116

User Info: Smurfin55

4 years ago#117
I update game regular and have the most recent update. I play daily and visit neighboring Springfields daily. I am max level. Please add. All my current friends have not updated.

Origin ID: smurfin55

Thanks ahead of time. I accept all requests.

User Info: Lou287

4 years ago#118
add me deleting old friends for this event lou287
GamerTag- Bongo6116
Playing- 2k9, MVC2, Sumtimes COD4 and Gears2

User Info: lilherb

4 years ago#119
I added someone that didnt have any Christmas decorations and I was able to collect hearts from them.

Anyway, I've got the update and the Springfield sign and other premium stuff

Don't be a slowpoke Mr. Bubbles. Angels don't wait for slowpokes.

User Info: Mikan2233

4 years ago#120
I'm a max level daily player with the valentines update. Please add me.


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  3. Valentine's friends (Add me)

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