My town is gone

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User Info: josephtheman

3 years ago#1
Every time I go into the game it makes me start a new game, even though I'm logged into my account. I have tried logging out and in, and resetting my phone but nothing. Is any way to fix this??
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User Info: Scott1187

3 years ago#2
This just happened to me. My town was gone for a whole week, during the end of the halloween event. So I missed out on a week's worth of GOO and therefore some of the final personal prizes. EA didn't care.

But basically, the only fix is to contact EA Help and have them sort it out. They will, but the process will be slow and you will only receive two gold scratchies for your inconvenience, not anything that you would have missed out on while you're game was not working.

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
3 years ago#3
My issue is much stranger.

My town has been reset from level 35 to the very early levels. I'm not level 1, but I've lost months of progress including the money I spent on donuts. My town is very small but I have a few buildings. This worries me more than if I were simply reset. Should I contact Apple for a refund?

If this is how these guys so things I would rather not waste my time with this game anymore.
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User Info: jude1974

3 years ago#4
9 times out of ten it's usually some kind of issue with the Origin servers and works itself out after a few days.

If it lasts for more then a week, write support and let them know and they will help you out no problem.

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