Would you like to see ? (AC Setting )

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User Info: SolidusR4S2

5 years ago#1
The Dutch. Well as I am Dutch. But over course in the 17th century when the LowLands discovered the world for us and gave the Earth a guide. We deserve something like this right. Picture this as your base being somewhere in a city with a port like Middleburgh´s or Vlissingen .

Where you could travel around the world looking for Templars. Going to Bavaria-Germany to destroy the Illuminati. It was a time when there where great innovations in our country that could be a great setting for Assassins Creed. But what would you like see ?
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User Info: 2mins2eddie

5 years ago#2
This ins't really a setting, but more of a gameplay change. I would love to see AC play more like splinter cell or hit man.
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