Any news about the gamepad features?

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  3. Any news about the gamepad features?

User Info: LakanLode

5 years ago#1
So far only map and weapon wheels are confirmed right?

What about putting mini-games and the historical footnotes onto the gamepad? blatantly says "It’s most fun to play “Assassin’s Creed 3” with a laptop or tablet nearby in order to easily research the backgrounds of figures such as Sir William Johnson when they make a cameo." Sounds like gamepad potential right there.

Also on a side-note, is there a way to turn off the mission prompts from flashing on-screen? Hell, if they flash anywhere, they could show up on the gamepad too!

User Info: collinmul

5 years ago#2
Yeah, I'm wondering about this too. I want more features than just a mini-map and hotkey'd weapons.

NewEgg has the PC game available for pre-order for $38 (after promo code "EMCJJNH48" at checkout, shipping 11/23/12) - I know the PC version will be graphically superior because the WiiU's graphics are confirmed to be identical to Xbox360/PS3.

So I want more of a reason to keep my AC3 WiiU pre-order. More info on the WiiU-specific features would be much appreciated!

User Info: old_man_mossy

5 years ago#3
a long while ago, and it could have since been debunked or dropped...but there was talk of an option to pull eagle eye mode down to the touch screen and survey the area that way, possibly by even moving the controller around your gaming room to pan the area.

Since on the Sony and MS versions, you do this by clicking the thumbstick and Im not sure the wii u offers clickable sticks I suppose its a possibility
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User Info: LakanLode

5 years ago#4
Oh heh, I just lack a good enough PC to run it. Good word on the deal though!

Thumbsticks do click. You can click both to go into BAT mode for the Wii U's Arkham Asylum.

User Info: MetalGusREbirth

5 years ago#5
I guess we won't know much more until the game is reviewd. Which should be this week fortunately.
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  3. Any news about the gamepad features?

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