Can't climb trees

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User Info: JustPlainLucas

4 years ago#1
Just now am out in the open, and I'm tracking an Indian, but when I go to climb a tree that has obvious handholds, I see him doing the animation to climb, but then it's like it goes into reverse and I fall off. Plus, I found a knocked over tree that led to some stumps to jump across but when I jump to the first one, he immediately falls off. Is this a glitch?

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#2
Where are you talking about? Black Creek? Monouth?

It would be best to upload a video with the exact place. I know I struggled with a few of the feathers in the frontier, but finally got them once I realized other paths/ways were available. . . And from what I have seen, collecting all the feathers leads to a pretty sweet item.
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User Info: apples50

4 years ago#3
he is talking bout wen you are haythem he cant climb trees
come join and register
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