How do I find people for multiplayer?

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  3. How do I find people for multiplayer?

User Info: WarheroT

4 years ago#1
Sorry, this has been asked before but I am really bad with technical stuff, so I was wondering what I have to do to make it as easy as possible to find multiplayer matches? I know I should change some sort of setting with my internet maybe? Other than that, I don't really know what people are talking about. If you have an answer, please, explain it to me and pretend I'm stupid, which shouldn't be too much of a stretch:P
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User Info: NS_Sonic204

4 years ago#2
Sheer luck.

I'm not kidding. Really, it just takes luck. At least for me. Sometimes I get matches instantly, sometimes it takes a few tries, and sometimes it's just absolutely hopeless.
Nice! Your fruit killing skills are remarkable.

User Info: Shimmywii

4 years ago#3
pretty much what the above poster said, last night was a great night for online though,
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  3. How do I find people for multiplayer?

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