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User Info: xelanamyt

4 years ago#1

I realise I will have to get Origin to get the new simcity which I have yet to do as I have always used Steam or GoG for my pc games over the past 5 years and therefore I have a few questions for people who have experience with Origin.

1. Can you pre-load games a few days early like you can on Steam?
2. When do the new games unlock to play? I ask as sometimes games on Steam unlock at a time in the US (eg PST) and I live in the UK so sometimes I have to wait longer and therefore its a bit pointless to use a days holiday for a new game on release day.
3. Any general points about Origin that might be unusual or unexpected after being used to Steam for so long.

Thanks very much.
"Me Fail English? That's Unpossible!" ~Ralph Wiggum

User Info: A_Friendly_NPC

4 years ago#2
1. Yep, you can preload games like steam.
2. the origin preload FAQ says that a timer will appear to countdown when the preload unlocks.
3. It's nowhere near as feature rich as steam, it's pretty much a game library, a store page, and a friends list.
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