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User Info: Maximus12120

4 years ago#1
Origin: F50Caliber
GT: F50 Caliber ........PSN: RunNYC2k9

User Info: qwertyuopasdfgh

4 years ago#2
Origin: amg123456 I haven't played a simcity before so I will probably be sh** in the beginning. Hopefully some other people want to play eventually!
PSN: amg123 GT: amg1232

User Info: Fred_Ruster

4 years ago#3
Hey Guys you can add me too JiveHonky
Gamer Tag: Santa Conda | 3DS FC: 0473-7781-6833

User Info: ZenSchmidty

4 years ago#4
I added you.
There's no such thing as too many tacos.
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