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User Info: Vibrantflame15

4 years ago#1
After turning on the option:

Code: Result:
ALT+W Add $100,000
ALT+F Toggle Fire On/Off
ALT+C Toggle Crime On/Off
ALT+M Toggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+A Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+P Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+H Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
ALT+S Toggle Sewage On/Off

User Info: Lunacy182

4 years ago#2
No ALT-F4? I'm disappointed.
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User Info: mlecren

4 years ago#3
Thanks, was looking for some extra money.

User Info: Jethalex

4 years ago#4
How do I tell if people in my room is cheating?

User Info: CrankyCrab

4 years ago#5
Jethalex posted...
How do I tell if people in my room is cheating?

I doubt you could cheat if you're not playing solo.

User Info: CatToy

4 years ago#6
Jethalex posted...
How do I tell if people in my room is cheating?

You can only use cheats in sandbox mode.
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User Info: Wesker1983

4 years ago#7
i cant get them to work
i am in sandbox mode
what am i doing wrong?
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User Info: DoomSickleIV

4 years ago#8
yeah, me neither...

I am in sandbox mode and none of the ALT-blah blah works.

is there something else I need to check off or click or hold down first?
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

4 years ago#10
What did the dad buffalo say to his son on his first day of school? By son. GET IT!?! BISON!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Silly Buffaloes. Roll Tide!

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