What are proper sizes for city blocks?

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User Info: entlassen

4 years ago#1
I'm having trouble figuring out what the proper spacing is between roads.

For example, if I want a skyscraper to pop up, does that commercial zone need to be completed surrounded by roads (like a city block), or is it enough to just have it touch one road?

Reason I'm asking is because my perfect grid city experiences ridiculous congestion, and I've read that the solution is to have less intersections and more straight roads. If i did that though, i wouldn't be able to form small city blocks.....would this hinder skyscrapers from popping up?

User Info: entlassen

4 years ago#2
Also, can the white grid lines that appear when you build roads be trusted to determine ideal block sizes?

User Info: zidane100

4 years ago#3
Interested in this too.
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User Info: Knifeboxing

4 years ago#4
This is an issue with me as well.

Waiting on an informed poster......
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User Info: Eclypse9810

4 years ago#5
The white grid lines never really seem to be efficient for me.

Any zoned building only needs to be connected to the side of the road that it grew out of.

Here is, for example, my high rises back to back along two parallel roads:

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User Info: fr3t78

4 years ago#6
Here's what I was able to put together last night. I was using the second highest density roads when I wanted to build a "downtown" type sector, so I placed some residential and commercial they started small at first and weren't what I was expecting. But as I got the area filled with more parks, mayors mansion, fire departments etc (high wealth sims moving in). Some of the building became large skyscrapers and more metropolis and the others quickly followed. Adding a few landmark building and an industry HQ or University really helped it developed.

On topic I used the suggested outlines they give you and they developed a metropolis on their own when I placed high wealth buildings in the area.
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