How to go back to a game?

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User Info: Kamiccolokuetan

4 years ago#1
I was playing a city earlier. I quit the game and when I open it back up it brings me to a screen that says "Let's play short a scenario to learn the basics of SimCity" There is a button that says "Getting Started". When I click it it takes me to a small city (tutorial I guess) but nothing happens. All the buttons are grayed out and there are no messages telling me what to do. I quit back to the main menu but can only click the "Getting Started" button. What is up with this?
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User Info: RepublicanThug

4 years ago#2
Keep exiting out of that until you get a screen that says welcome back. Otberwise you won't be able to play your city.
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User Info: Garbage_Day

4 years ago#3
And even then you probably won't be able to. At some point, you'll see a "Resume Game" tab, but mine is empty. Achievements are gone too.
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User Info: Evalast

4 years ago#4
Check the server. My server switched on me so I had to find the server I originally played on to find my saved game.
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