Simcity has deep gameplay.

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User Info: Decto712

4 years ago#1
i think the teamwork theme is built around is fun. i like competing with region neighbors.
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User Info: LeBurns63

4 years ago#2
If they are there. I have to wonder how many will play for a week or two and be gone forever. Or come in just troll and cause problems. Playing on a private region with only friends helps this but you need about six friends who all want to play this game and all have the time to dedicate to it.

I may try to get around this by making a private region and not inviting anyone to it, but I really only want to build one city, not a half dozen and I'm afraid this game kind of makes it necessary later on to trade and such with neighbors.

Gads. Why do I feel like I'm playing SimCity Facebook...
I'm glad your opinion differs from mine. What a boring place this world would be if it didn't.
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