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User Info: Master of Hate

Master of Hate
4 years ago#1
How hard would it be for EA to simply release a hotfix that doesn't require online play? I don't know the technical workings of DRM ("always online"), but if other people can pirate games and bypass logins and such, couldn't EA technically release a hotfix that would bypass that requirement?

I don't understand what is stopping them from simply doing so? If this isn't possible, could someone explain why? = Smite Stream

User Info: papercup

4 years ago#2
Well, the claim is that most of the load of processing the simulation is done on EAs side. So, if true, basically it's a lot more complicated than just removing the online feature. The entire game has to be reworked in that case.
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User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#3
They're too worried about them pirates. Even though DRM doesn't prevent piracy but actually encourages it and leaves legitimate customers frustrated:

“DRM doesn't stop theft of games, let's make that clear,” Longino told Destructoid. “It's a false argument to say it does. Every game that came out this year -- every single one regardless of the kind of DRM on it -- was pirated. Frequently before the game was even for sale on retail shelves but within 48 hours after launch, either way. There's a whole industry devoted to selling DRM solutions to publishers and developers, and no one seems to be clued into the fact that it doesn't stop piracy.”

The GOG executive believes, and backs up his thoughts with several surveys, that gamers just want easy and quick access to a complete game, and are more than willing to pay for such a feature if it’s available to them.

“If DRM doesn't stop theft, what does? Well, according to surveys, the value of the game offer. Almost 50% of the users surveyed stated that one of the main reasons why they pirated games was the lack of perceived value of the package. Either they wanted the game for less money or they wanted more bonus content in the package. That should sound familiar, given that it's's business model.”

Only thing that will stop piracy is good games and a supportive user interface (i.e. Steam). This always online DRM crap only leaves people who bought the game pissed off. Piracy will always exist and most people who pirate the game wouldn't have bought it in the first place.
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User Info: Master of Hate

Master of Hate
4 years ago#4
But how could pirates play this if everything is server based? Isn't everything server side?

Does that mean that pirated copies work functionally atm...? And if so, how? = Smite Stream

User Info: AceMagase

4 years ago#5
Pirates can't be playing it now. There's a reason it only took 15 minutes to download the game - most of the data is on EA's servers. There's no way for this game to work offline as is.
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