One of the worst launches in gaming history?

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User Info: wickdawg01

4 years ago#11
darkace77450 posted...
Judging by the sales figures of both Diablo 3 and SimCity, you'd better get used to it. Because the "always online single player" didn't hurt their sales figures, publishers are going to make this the norm going forward.

Yeah it sucks because they try and add this online only crap to Extremley popular games. Just think about their sales numbers if they wouldn't have added online only though.
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User Info: Pure_LionHeart

4 years ago#12
Oh, they've topped Diablo 3, if my memory of that launch serves.
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User Info: uzimaki557

4 years ago#13
I can't believe they didnt triple the number of servers within a few hours of this starting.

Compare this to the GW2 launch.

Apparently EA's employees are big dumb diaper wearing butt babies!

User Info: uzimaki557

4 years ago#14
what I can't comprehend is how on day 3 of this the situation appears to have actually gotten worse. on days 1-2 at least I could get into the EU servers, now even those are throwing errors.

User Info: strayfies

4 years ago#15
Ravenoussd posted...
funny thing is.....simcity was NEVER an online game

yet they forced it upon us

There are so many funny things about it, I don't know where to start. I'm so glad I canceled the preorder last month.

Thanks EA~! :V

User Info: backdoor-bob

4 years ago#16
Only thing that can top Diablo 3's atrocity are the whole "account compromises" and the mysterious disappearance of money in the RMAH.

I quote account compromise because most people who bought Diablo 3 didn't have authenticators. Blizzard pretty much shoved that down their players throats for the sake of safety.

If Sim City can top that, it will be the worst launch ever. How can anyone not see these server issues from the beginning? Same thing happened with BF3 for a bit
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User Info: cztoh

4 years ago#17
D3 is pretty much a black mark on Blizzard's record (WoW Cata is almost on that list as well). If D4 is ever conceived the reception won't be pretty

EA has already killed too many game series with mind boggling decisions

User Info: arucard199

4 years ago#18
This is WAY worse than D3's launch. I'd say it's THE worst launch in gaming history (tied with HoMM6 although that game had less expectations riding on it.)

Why worse than D3's launch? Well, for starters I was actually able to brute force my way past error 37 and play D3 after midnight launch. I also was able to play it the following day, and regularly after that despite server downtimes and getting booted out every once in awhile.

With Sim City, I've been able to play a total of 2 hours since release (and trust me good lord I've been trying!)

Those 2 hours? Deleted.

Progress inexplicably deleted and the game wants me to do the tutorial again which doesn't even load properly 9/10 times.

The other main reason is that D3 actually had some good reasons to have DRM. With closed servers there's less chance of hackers ruining the economy. Sim City on the other hand? NO GOOD REASON FOR ONLINE-ONLY! The game's online component is actually quite weak, there's just no good reason for it other than to stop pirating (which has been proven DRM doesn't accomplish in the long run.)

Worst. Release. Ever.
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User Info: Mocking Crow

Mocking Crow
4 years ago#19
Lord_Vader posted...
And funny thing is always online doesn't prevent piracy:

“DRM doesn't stop theft of games, let's make that clear,” Longino told Destructoid. “It's a false argument to say it does. Every game that came out this year -- every single one regardless of the kind of DRM on it -- was pirated. Frequently before the game was even for sale on retail shelves but within 48 hours after launch, either way. There's a whole industry devoted to selling DRM solutions to publishers and developers, and no one seems to be clued into the fact that it doesn't stop piracy.”

The GOG executive believes, and backs up his thoughts with several surveys, that gamers just want easy and quick access to a complete game, and are more than willing to pay for such a feature if it’s available to them.

“If DRM doesn't stop theft, what does? Well, according to surveys, the value of the game offer. Almost 50% of the users surveyed stated that one of the main reasons why they pirated games was the lack of perceived value of the package. Either they wanted the game for less money or they wanted more bonus content in the package. That should sound familiar, given that it's's business model.”

Only a good and polished game as well as a supportive user interface like Steam will stop piracy. You can't stop all piracy and most people who pirate games would've never bought the retail version anyway. EA could have easily solved this by giving us an offline singleplayer mode but they have severely screwed themselves over with this one.

The creators of Batman: Arkham City, and the creators of Witcher 2... say Hi! If you are naive enough to believe that, I dread what happens to you in a true survival situation.

PS. Diablo 3 and wow have not been pirated... ONCE. Poor EMULATION is all theyve gotten.
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