Suggest good modern city builders?

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User Info: Clink

4 years ago#1

I was excited for Simcity but all of the launch issues, always-online, and small city sizes has turned me off from this title.

Can any one suggest good city builder games that have come out in the last 4 or so years? Thanks for help.
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User Info: camelotcrusade

4 years ago#2
I really like Cities XL 2012. It's not quite the same, and it has some performance/stability issues, but if you can get it cooking you'll have a fun city to run around in after some dedicated building.

Totally worth it on good sale. The only bad thing I'll say about it is that mods make it more fun (XLNation site has tons of them), but mods also make it crash a lot... so use them at your own risk.

I also really liked Anno 2070, though it's less about city building and more about production management. Still, you get to sit back and enjoy the view when you're made a thriving population.

User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#3
Unfortunately not many have come out because the city building genre kind of died out after SimCity 4.

Cities XL Platinum is okay but there are a lot of technical issues with it. If your city gets above a certain size the game starts to lag. There are some unofficial patches to fix this but I haven't tried it yet. Also, the zoning is more like SimCity 1 where you plop squares which are your zones. So you have to make sure you don't have any gaps between your buildings. Besides the technical issues though once your city is up and running the game looks beautiful.

Cities in Motion isn't really a city builder since the city is already built for you. However you can build transportation and mass transit infrastructure and your basically in charge of and run a transportation company. You can't build any roads or any new buildings but you can build things like subways, street cars, etc.

I have heard of Tropica and Anno but I have no idea how good they are.

An in-game city builder that is on kickstarter is up and coming. It is called civitas and will feature all of the things that SimCity doesn't have such as no always online DRM, modding, terraforming, subways, large cities, connected cities, more zoning options, and even a stable multiplayer. I suggest you check it out since it has caught my interest:
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