Discovery Delta Map private map.

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User Info: Loyal_Ager

4 years ago#1
Hi forum go-ers!

I created a map on Discovery Delta, which I named Verne after the French sci-fi writer; Jules Verne. This is on NA west 2.

Anyways I'm inviting people who think they fit the criterion:
1. Won't easily abandon their city.
2. Has played around with other cities before.
3. Helpful towards his/her fellow mayors!
4. Would like to see a Great Work on this map.
5. Want to actually experience good region play.

Also some ground rules and guidelines:
1. Later on if you do feel like wiping the city and don't have funds, ask your neighbor for some re-starting money. I would rather see a city wiped than abandoned.
2. Should you want to never play on this map again, please abandon your city
3. If your harcore- great, but remember there are people with work or school. It takes them a few days to get to where you might be.
4. Communicate and Have Fun!
5. If your really hardcore feel free to take a second city if there is one free, but I ask only two max/person. And not for the purposes of taking loans and sending it to your main city.

Update: Just got back onto the the server after a 3 hour wait. I was having trouble inviting people, but all seems fine now.
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