What city is best for Wind Power?

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User Info: bmx_parkrider

4 years ago#1
Is there any full rated wind maps? I've only seen 2 bar winds so far.. Game won't let me back on though :-(

I want to do some alternative energy. Really make the grid all natural. I can't wait to build a solar farm... I REALLY hope this game starts being consistant asap.
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User Info: Rayden123

4 years ago#2
there are about 2 or 3 in one region but thats about it i believe, i forgot which region though i think its the last or next to last one
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User Info: Lastat27

4 years ago#3
Its one of the size 11 regions. I'm playing one of those 3 bar wind cities right now. Have to use 15 giant wind turbines right now to support a medium sized city. Hoping to build a university soon and see how the high tech ones run a full map.
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User Info: SharperKnives

4 years ago#4
Found a couple in 16 city maps. But wind works everywhere
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