How do you "plop" stadiums and other buildings?

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  3. How do you "plop" stadiums and other buildings?

User Info: xR4zorwirex

4 years ago#1
I've looked through every building menu and I can't find any of the tourism buildings. Unlocking the Tourism branch of the City Hall only unlocked the amphitheater and maybe a baseball diamond.

And now I have a quest that wants me to "plop" a processor factory and make 1000 processors, I think this means that I basically have to wait until some random industry turns into a Processor factory but it specifically says to "plop" it.

User Info: KillaBeAt

4 years ago#2
in city specializations.

Processor factory is in electronics, stadium is in culture.
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User Info: TheDocktor144

4 years ago#3
If you click on the shield looking icon in the bottom left you can place specialized buildings.
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  3. How do you "plop" stadiums and other buildings?

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