my opinion of the game so far

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User Info: ISDcaptain01

4 years ago#1
ok after being able to get on a server and create my city, here is what i think so far

The game is brilliant in the fact that encourages team work with neighboring cities that are controlled by other players.

This forced on social interaction gives another element to the game where if you want your city to succeed, you have to make sure the other players are playing the game properly otherwise your city fails, and this is a good simulation of how cities cooperate with each other in real life.

The only downside to this is that your city might be a full on industrial zone or a trash site for another city, while another city might be a full on tourist zone, residential zone, or just plainly a place where commercial is what your city thrives on.

i really like this new element where neighboring cities are controlled by other players. You can start forming alliances with other players to trash up other cities, that will break the pace from past simcity games where natural disasters were the only element that threatened your city

im also glad the game is online now, and here are the reasons why

1. it forces you to interact with other players, this forms guilds and communities for simcity

2. If there was an offline mode, ppl would play for a few days where they would build their city and then just leave simcity on the shelf collecting dust

3. the online mode introduces a whole new element where you have to not only take care of your city, but have to cooperate and defend your city from other players

overall, the series is going in the right direction, people just need to be more open minded about the server issues, it happens with every game out there that has an online service (WoW, diablo 3, SWTOR)

a little patience goes a long way in waiting for these technical issues to fully resolve.

but overall, its worth your $60 in my honest opinion
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User Info: UK360GAMER1

4 years ago#2
So you entire opinion is based on a game that didnt need online now has online forced down your throat for you to play

User Info: myzz7

4 years ago#3
Gilda doesn't give a flying feather about what you think!

User Info: TFHDeathUA709

4 years ago#4
Your entire point is that Sim City forces you to have your city interact with other player's ones.

Problem is it doesn't. You can lock your region and just make all the cities yourself so no the game doesn't force that.

The only thing it forces is always on connection. A standard that EA is holding the customer to have in order to play but that EA isn't even able to hold up on it's end.

If Darksiders 2 had always on DRM then nobody would ever be able to play it if they bought that game. THQ went out of business after 20+ years in business. Yes EA is huge but the bottom line is that people still play the old Sim Cities. Guess which one nobody will be playing down the line unless pirates are able to get it cracked?
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User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

4 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure the general idea is that the game itself is great. The problem stems from the inability for anyone to play it.

User Info: Jaghave

4 years ago#6
thank you ea Representative for your propaganda post
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