Radiation from meltdown?

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User Info: iruleyou3

4 years ago#1
I had a nuclear meltdown. How long does it take for this to clear up or is there a way to fix the area with where it happened. I would hate to start a new game.

User Info: LesserAngel

4 years ago#2
Well, if it's anything like the previous games, no, it never leaves. I can't find anything about THIS title's method of handling radiation though.

User Info: iruleyou3

4 years ago#3
That's what I was afraid of.

User Info: Geomagnus

4 years ago#4
From what I am told, the radiation dissipates over time. However, I am not entirely sure, as the servers have been keeping me from getting that far.

User Info: Eclypse9810

4 years ago#5
From the comments from the developers playing during the "letsallbymayor" events, it takes a really long time for it to dissipate, and then it only transforms into heavy ground pollution rather then just going away.
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User Info: KejeLL

4 years ago#6
Well the half-life of Uranium is 4.47 billion years so it might be a while :)

User Info: Pure_LionHeart

4 years ago#7
From: KejeLL | #006
Well the half-life of Uranium is 4.47 billion years so it might be a while :)

Cheetah speed might not cut it...
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User Info: DeadlyInsane

4 years ago#8
Better to start a new city if you don't want radiation. Also, if you don't want meltdowns to happen, read the nuclear power plant's description, it says it needs skilled workers to operate safely. Better to use non- nuclear power until you get higher skilled workers. :)

User Info: iruleyou3

4 years ago#9
The thing that happened was I had high skilled workers. I used the education map and there was virtually no unskilled labor however my plant still said not enough skilled workers. It was almost like a glitch. I couldn't figure it out. I had school bus stops everywhere and a college not over crowded. It was weird because for years it said safe and all of a sudden went to dangerous. My population was over 60k with good education levels.

User Info: VenomSnake

4 years ago#10
Just think about Chernobyl. There was a whole city there and it's now completely deserted. In other words, just start a new game. ;-)
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