Real Talk: The reason EA has tons of DRM in games is because you people PIRATE

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User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#21
DRM does not stop piracy. If anything it causes more piracy and only hurts legitimate customers.:

“DRM doesn't stop theft of games, let's make that clear,” Longino told Destructoid. “It's a false argument to say it does. Every game that came out this year -- every single one regardless of the kind of DRM on it -- was pirated. Frequently before the game was even for sale on retail shelves but within 48 hours after launch, either way. There's a whole industry devoted to selling DRM solutions to publishers and developers, and no one seems to be clued into the fact that it doesn't stop piracy.”

The GOG executive believes, and backs up his thoughts with several surveys, that gamers just want easy and quick access to a complete game, and are more than willing to pay for such a feature if it’s available to them.

“If DRM doesn't stop theft, what does? Well, according to surveys, the value of the game offer. Almost 50% of the users surveyed stated that one of the main reasons why they pirated games was the lack of perceived value of the package. Either they wanted the game for less money or they wanted more bonus content in the package. That should sound familiar, given that it's's business model.”

Yep that's right. Most if not all always online DRM games have been cracked for a while now (WoW and Diablo 3). I wouldn't be surprised if this was cracked soon either. The only reason DRM exists is so that you're forced to play on EA's accounts until they shut their servers off and so that you're integrated into the system and are pretty much bombarded with micro DLC as it's released. Only good games and a supportive user interface like Steam will stop piracy. Piracy can never be completely eliminated. Heck most people who pirate wouldn't have bought the game in the first place because they're too cheap/poor. What EA is doing with SimCity is not stopping piracy but just hurting people who bought the game. This game has always been a singleplayer game yet because of this DRM people can't even play it on day 1 and many are still having problems with it. EA has really screwed themselves over with this one.
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User Info: KingRajesh

4 years ago#22
boochy posted...
We pirate, so EA decides to not let paying customers play. Brilliant!

I'm not taking about the server problems, that problem is SQUARELY on EA.
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User Info: GreenEarthPFC

4 years ago#23
Actually, Simcity should be a wake up call to designers that make the servers crucial to running the game.

There is a system in the game that puts functions of the game on server side.

It literally makes it impossible to run it without a server.

Even if EA LOVES DRM, Simcity itself was designed poorly in that respect (relying on something that can't always work), rather than designed intentionally to be annoying.
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User Info: PRNDL

4 years ago#24
supervegito24 posted...
PRNDL posted...
No, people pirate because they don't want to deal with DRM.

What came first? Pirating computer programs or DRM?

It doesn't matter. It's a fact that people pirate to avoid DRM.

I blame the consumer as well, they are just as stupid. In the case of DRM games, you're only buying the right to play the game as long as it's supported. EA owns every one of your SimCity 5 games. What, don't believe me? Try playing it in 10 years when the servers are shut down. I'm never going to buy a DRM game. It's like leasing a car. You get to drive it around and pay for it, but in the end you have to give it back.

User Info: SlickRacerPrime

4 years ago#25
Also, I think it's disingenuous to paint EA's oppressive DRM as some honest-hearted attempt to get people to not steal their game.

There are three packs of DLC in the store that give you three new architecture styles. Altogether they are $30.

Simcity 4 had four alternate architectural styles. They cost 0$ and were included in the $50 price of the game.
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User Info: KingRajesh

4 years ago#26
Teremei posted...
lol. Yet DRM free pay to own sites like seem to be growing and doing very well.

Problem is, offering little value for your money. EA releases bare bones base sets, then charges you additional full priced games just to add to an incomplete game. I say the problem is lemmings like you who have been brainwashed into being the puppets of large corporations who don't use the motto "customer first". If EA released a DRM free offline game that was like the spiritual successor to Sim City 4 it would sell like mad and EA wouldn't have to DRM it at all. EA has made a **** ton of money off SIMS and SIM CITY despite pirating. You have no ******* clue, you sound like a brainwashed fox news watcher spouting talking point nonsense about things you have absolutely no knowledge of.

Nice Ad Hominem attacks, really lends credence to your argument. is an indie site that no AAA games are released on - why? Because AAA games cost $100 Million + to develop, and releasing a game like that with no DRM is suicide, at least on the PC, where 'entitled' PC gamers will happily pirate the game and pay nothing, leaving developers with no profits.

EA has a great marketing set for the casual gamer -> Releasing a barebones base, and charging for what you want to add to it after you get hooked is a staple of the mobile phone/tablet market, and nobody seems to be complaining about that.

If EA released a DRM free "Sim City 5", there would be MILLIONS of downloads on The Pirate Bay, and few actual sales. The rallying cry of the PC gamer - "Why buy when you can pirate?"
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User Info: GreenEarthPFC

4 years ago#27
I think the idea that most PC gamers pirate is wrong, and I really don't see any proof of your argument. There's no reason to cuss at you or insult you, but I don't really see the grounding for your argument.

Piracy is a problem, but EA's main intent behind the server design issue was to be able to make the game work better.

They failed pretty epicly at that, but they had good ideas at heart when they designed it.
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User Info: EAisAmazing

4 years ago#28
Guys EA had to put constant connect DRM in Sim City 5.

Look how unsuccessful the franchise has been until now. Everyone was just pirateing all the softwares in 1-4 and Maxis was just to stupid to put in DRM.

EA has saved us all though buy realizing that the only way to make a game is to have always online DRM.

You will thank us when all the other companies are bankrupt and EA is the only one left.

User Info: Drippy89

4 years ago#29
Lol. EA is "greedy"? They're a corporation, which is LEGALLY BOUND to their shareholders to do whatever it takes to make money. Calling EA greedy is basically saying that all corporations are greedy, which would be true, but isn't something that is exclusive to EA.

And while people steal food from Grocery stores, the more expensive things, like razor blades, condoms, cigaretes are all locked behind the counter (REAL LIFE DRM). Same with clothes, which all have ink tags that explode and ruin the clothes if you try to remove them. Same with video games, where all of the video games are taken out of the box, and hidden behind the counter to stop theft.

Not all companies are greedy. Just as Gearbox when they made Borderlands. They purposely did not put DRM. Why, because they said it doesn't work and pirates will cracked the game anyway. BTW there is a difference between making money and squeezing every last penny out of the market.

Where do you live? I can go to a store right now and find condoms in a normal aisle with no case. Same goes for razor blades. I just have to go to the aisle and grab one. And ink tags aren't "DRM". DRM makes it harder for real life customers to play games. Ink tags in no way affect how a real person uses the item. As far games...again....that in no way affects how a person plays the game.

User Info: meiyuki

4 years ago#30
The problem is piracy is a scapegoat, you can't quantify it so you can just blame them for anything, and they're the perfect scapegoat cause no one is really going to defend them. There's absolutely no way in the world to quantify piracy, lets say for example you are somehow able to track every illegal download of a game it still doesn't work. You're more likely to get something if it's free so a lot of the people wouldn't ever buy it in the first place.

Here's where it gets sinister though, the game sells poorly, or maybe under expectations(and who's to say those expectations were correct?), blame the pirates. No it couldn't be anything we did wrong as developers, the only reason the game is selling poorly is piracy. So then everyone is talking about piracy since it's there excuse for giving the finger to players and now everyone else through circular logic thinks piracy is increasing to catastrophic levels.
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