Real Talk: The reason EA has tons of DRM in games is because you people PIRATE

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User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#61
blankempathy posted...
El_Zaggy posted...
KingRajesh posted...
If it wasn't for a long history on the PC of PC gamers cracking, pirating, cheating, duping items, hacking and/or otherwise breaking the EULA/ToS of many games, companies like EA, Activision, and Blizzard wouldn't have been FORCED to add highly restrictive DRM, always-online restrictions, and other redundancies.

The culprit is and always has been the 'entitled' PC gamer, who wants to play games but not pay for them, and wants to cheat and win quickly when he does play those games.

SimCity should be a wakeup call not for EA, but for what PC gamers have done to the PC gaming market.

the real reason is because its easier to access the microtransaction shops and online dlc shops so they can sell litteraly more junk, quickier. Think about it a little. accessing in game real money item that you can buy, then buy it fast makes the buyer think about it less, maxing the profit of EA.

Its not even about pirating. The pirating is just an excuse so EA can push down junk into our throats. They always pressing the citrus till no juice left and they always have their hand on your wallet.

That is why I now pirate all EA games. the more they do this, the more I will pirate them. They dont deserve my money. And Sim City sucks anyway.. They will probably want to sell more map space in game for real money.

And btw I dont pirate when the gamers are respected. For example, CD Projekt Red games.

They don't deserve your money yet you're willing to play their games. Its just a convenient excuse for you. How about finding a company you like and playing their games? There is definitely no shortage of videos games produced by other companies out there.

I dont dislike their game i dislike the greed that is behind all the online only drm-server-based-game that dont normally need server to play in single player just because they want you to buy more stuff. Just look at Dead Space 3 (terrible game IMO) Each time you went to the work bench.... you want to buy junk ? shop is right there, come one buy junk, buy it buy it buy it buy it. I was just so disgusted and I was happy that I didnt bought the game.

If EA would stop this BS,Iwould buy some games from them

User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#62
myusernameislame posted...
From: KingRajesh | #038
Drippy89 posted...
Lol. EA is "greedy"? They're a corporation, which is LEGALLY BOUND to their shareholders to do whatever it takes to make money. Calling EA greedy is basically saying that all corporations are greedy, which would be true, but isn't something that is exclusive to EA.

And while people steal food from Grocery stores, the more expensive things, like razor blades, condoms, cigaretes are all locked behind the counter (REAL LIFE DRM). Same with clothes, which all have ink tags that explode and ruin the clothes if you try to remove them. Same with video games, where all of the video games are taken out of the box, and hidden behind the counter to stop theft.

Not all companies are greedy. Just as Gearbox when they made Borderlands. They purposely did not put DRM. Why, because they said it doesn't work and pirates will cracked the game anyway. BTW there is a difference between making money and squeezing every last penny out of the market.

Where do you live? I can go to a store right now and find condoms in a normal aisle with no case. Same goes for razor blades. I just have to go to the aisle and grab one. And ink tags aren't "DRM". DRM makes it harder for real life customers to play games. Ink tags in no way affect how a real person uses the item. As far games...again....that in no way affects how a person plays the game.

Your missing the point. DRM makes it harder for people to PIRATE games, and locking cigarettes behind glass cases, putting anti-theft tags on clothes, and locking all copies of video games behind a counter in a store all make it harder for people to STEAL things, i.e., REAL LIFE DRM. If you accept that you have to go to a counter to buy cigarettes in order to deter theft, why not accept the fact that games are going to be always online to deter piracy?

Please explain how locking things behind counters affects consumers after they buy them.

This so much.

By and large "PIrates" are people who would have never bought the game in the first place, because they usually either A) Can't afford to B) Don't care enough about it to pay for it. In most cases pirates aren't lost sales.

DRM just hurts paying customers. Clearly pirates were the motivation behind DRM, but its implementation is the problem. As much as I hated him, Steve Jobs once did an interview before iTunes went DRM free where he talked about how DRM did nothing but hurt people who paid for the songs, because everyone who was going to pirate just did it anyway.

Gabe Newell has a pretty famous talking point about this as well. The reason Steam is so damn successful despite being DRM is because the service it delivers is more valuable than what the pirates deliver (or at least most people think this is the case, and I agree) so people absolutely throw money at Steam. Yes, the sales are a PART of that service being better. But there are people who seriously won't buy something if it's not released on Steam.

The only services I will buy from are Steam and GOG, and I still prefer Steam, despite GOG being DRM-free and arguably offering the better service in the form of digital manuals and artbooks and such, because I value the other things Steam does more (e.g. in the newer versions of Steam, if you're moving a game off the SSD onto the HDD, you set up a secondary library folder on the HDD, copy and paste the game folder into there, Uninstall the game from Steam (Delete Local Content) and Install the game, and Steam will pick it up in the new location and set up all the .gcf or whatever cache files and everything that needs to be done. Vice versa is also true, obviously).
(message deleted)
Real talk: DRM hurts honest customers, not pirates.
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User Info: KHWyvern

4 years ago#65
MalfuntcionJUNCITOM posted...
Real talk: DRM hurts honest customers, not pirates.

This, so much. Whoever came up with the idea of DRM needs a good punch in the nose.
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User Info: _MikLe_

4 years ago#66

User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#67
The games I play I paid for. One could scour my harddrive if they like, you'll all see valid licenses, and if it was a retail copy, the box and manual. (Though it's getting hard to keep around all the boxes nowadays. Almost tempted to dump them and just keep the manuals and disks.)

However, if it's a game I don't want to play because it happens to be a game I don't want to play. I don't play it. I don't buy it. Plain and simple. If anything, I'd play a different game in the series, or a game like it (competition rules) that ultimately is the game I want to play.
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User Info: ViperEO2

4 years ago#68
Putting more drm isn't going to hurt the pirates. It's going to hurt the people who bought it.

User Info: Magoichi

4 years ago#69
shop is right there, come one buy junk, buy it buy it buy it buy it.

Were you even able to use the in-game resources that gave you the same benefits?

The suit packs on the other hand weren't as useful as the first two games, which had that same type of DLC.

User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#70
KingRajesh posted...
ManiusPrime posted...
I don't pirate and look at the Facebook posts and Twitter. The Pirates would of altered the game to play offline. Which is exactly what people wanted.

Steam although online it doesn't require you to play in a multiplayer game. I got around it by just playing private games. I can see people turning to pirates simply because they paid for a game and cannot play that game.

If EA would fix their problems with Steam. It might have gone the other way. SC might not be getting hammered as the most botched launch of 2013. I can't see any company doing a worse job.

If there was cracked offline play, then a pirated version with the cracked already cooked in would be up on Pirate Bay within the hour, and EA wouldn't make a dime.

cool Ill wait for this version to come out then. thank for the heads up.
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