Real Talk: The reason EA has tons of DRM in games is because you people PIRATE

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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#91
Real Talk: The reason people pirate is because games have tons of DRM.

Yes, people were pirating before DRM. Some people, not all people like you have so offensively implied TC, are scumbags and will pirate anything no matter what (some people have even pirated indie bundles). But thanks to DRM, piracy has gone up, not down, because people who would have bought the game otherwise are not willing to pay for crappy DRM bogging down their games.

Get rid of DRM and you bring down piracy rates. You'll never get rid of piracy completely, all you can do is reduce it. And the first step is not making your games nonfunctional via DRM. People paid good money for SimCity only to find that the always online DRM blocks them from playing it. Does that makes sense to you? People pay for a game and the DRM blocks them from playing it, meanwhile pirates who aren't paying a cent for the game can play it. Right now, pirates have the better product. That needs to stop if you want to lower piracy.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#92
Real Talk: The reason you people Pirate in games is because EA has tons of DRM

Fixed that to be true.
"My plan was perfect. But there was one thing I overlooked, one factor I failed to calculate.
He's a dumbass. And there's no accounting for dumbassness.

User Info: Grey_Wolf_Sif

4 years ago#93
Piracy doesnt affect sales.... pirates wouldnt buy games if they would have the money...

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#94
KingRajesh posted...
DRM doesn't troll through your computer, watching and reporting every time you visit Pirate Bay.

Yeah, Origin doesn't report when you visit Pirate Bay, it just looks at your tax returns.

KingRajesh posted...
And while people steal food from Grocery stores, the more expensive things, like razor blades, condoms, cigaretes are all locked behind the counter (REAL LIFE DRM). Same with clothes, which all have ink tags that explode and ruin the clothes if you try to remove them. Same with video games, where all of the video games are taken out of the box, and hidden behind the counter to stop theft.

The difference between "REAL LIFE DRM" and EA's DRM: I can still easily buy razor blades, condoms, cigarettes, and clothes and take them home and use them. I cannot easily buy SimCity and play it because the DRM says "You paid for the game? Too bad, you can't play!"
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: GigaGaia

4 years ago#95
McJeph posted...
DRM games have still been pirated. It will not stop the pirating of single player games but simply delay it. I believe Diablo 3 is probably one of the only ones that haven't been.

All one has to do for a single player DRM game is make an adjustment to the game coding to make the game believe that your computer is the server it is supposed to be connecting to. Not complicated.

They attempt it as a measure to remove piracy - but it does not remove it. They just end up losing more consumers in the long run by annoying them.

Unlike Diablo 3, this will probably be pirated. The only thing that is saved on their server is your city.

The game data is all saved on your pc. It's a matter of time before someone crack it by simply making the game save your city on your local machine.
Trying to contain the chaos is futile.

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#96
KingRajesh posted...
Nice Ad Hominem attacks, really lends credence to your argument.

Says the guy calling all PC gamers entitled pirates.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: Motokid6

4 years ago#97
DRM's fine i dont care. The city sizes being half the size of the smallest in SM4 is just a joke. Make the size as large as the entire region THEN EA will receive my money.

User Info: gameboy3145

4 years ago#98
Why would you make the experience worse for paying customers in order to prevent people from pirating your game?
"But why should you understand the meaning? ****, you're a killer after all."-Travis

User Info: Shifter1178

4 years ago#99
And the reason people pirate is because publishers like EA ruin gaming..creating crap games not WORTH purchasing.

Take EA > Bioware for example....Dragon Age Origins > Dragon Age 2.


Drippy89 posted...
The real reason is EA is greedy and wants every single dollar they can get from people. They combat piracy by alienating their real customers. Besides, "stealing" is part of business. It happens in all type of settings. People steal food from grocery stores all the time, but you don't see the stores making it 300 times more difficult for their real customers to by food. People steal clothes as well, but you don't see those businesses requiring an access card to enter their store.

User Info: Ave07

4 years ago#100
Online DRM is just fail no matter what since you can't predict how many people will be playing on launch day. Even if they try to have a different release day for each country servers will crash no matter what.

I don't get why can't we just activate it on Origins and play it offline like their other single player games or even go back to putting a disc inside your pc.
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