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User Info: RealTides

4 years ago#31
4 is the best really hands down

1-2 was good but it was well, 2d...and technology limited the game alot
3 was the first one to make it 3d and you could really see and absorb how your city changes
4 just tweaked this and made it alot more fun and better

then it goes downhill

User Info: PG50

4 years ago#32
I started with SimCity on the SNES, and have probably played it more than any other one, still play it randomly sometimes even now.

I didn't play much Simcity 2000 or 3000 but I remember them being good. I never owned them, but seeing how some people talk about them I may have to remedy that at some point, maybe the next time I have the urge to build a city.

I love Simcity 4, but after seeing someone mention the colours, I can see where you're coming from. I don't care about the music, because I usually put a movie on in the background or listen to my own playlist when I play it. I'm pretty sure the annoying pop-ups can be turned off, while the messages just appear in the newsfeed.

I don't see the problem with anyone putting down Simcity 1989/SNES, because the poll question is about which one is your favourite, not which one is the best, or has the most content, best simulation, most realistic, or anything like that.

User Info: Borg1982

4 years ago#33
Favorite indeed :)
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User Info: Borg1982

4 years ago#34
The return!
Kain: Won't you call for help, doctor?
Dr. Lugae: Don't take me lightly or you'll get burned!

User Info: rikvanoostende

4 years ago#35
I misclicked! I enjoyed SCS for a bit, but SC4 definately gets my vote.
'The last game was a lot better. This one is just a dumbed down spinoff, unworthy of its title, made for casual gamers.'
- Any 'hardcore' gamer on every sequel

User Info: Borg1982

4 years ago#36
In the classic gaming board, with only Simcity 1-5 as options, 2000 is dominating and winning that poll. This poll considers new gamers - the kinds of people who hang out here who probably grew up with part 4. The classic board obviously has many old school fans.
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Dr. Lugae: Don't take me lightly or you'll get burned!

User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#37
It's no surprise that the board for people who enjoy older games has an older game winning the poll. That result is pretty incidental.
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User Info: ThirdDegree

4 years ago#38
I only picked Sim City 4 because this latest version has too many problems. If this game worked 100 percent like it should and wasn't online only (my internet was acting up today and couldn't play, then their servers were acting up on me), I'd totally pick this one. I'd also like to be able to customize highways and train connected cities and exits for the highways. I'd also like everything that was included in 4 plus the rush hour pack without being nickle and dimed. So without EAs business model, traffic issues, online only, and other glitches, this is my favorite. As it stands though, because of this game, I'll probably never buy another EA game brand new, and will never buy another online only game.
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User Info: Borg1982

4 years ago#39
I must be missing something. Still can't understand how 4 was good.

Doesn't anyone else get annoyed by adviser pop ups?
Sluggish interface that becomes even harder to use when advisers bug you?
Bland looking colors creating an overall drab looking city (zoomed out specifically)?
Auto-build roads?
Worst music in the series?

I mean yeah there are upsides: QUANTITY of buildings, building options, city size, terraforming.

Do those upsides make up for the game feeling the most-annoying to play in the series? (Interface-wise)
Kain: Won't you call for help, doctor?
Dr. Lugae: Don't take me lightly or you'll get burned!

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#40
I voted the original. Would love to know who the three people who voted for Societies are...
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