Is there a way to filter full games?

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User Info: myg0t_stk

4 years ago#1
I want to play in a server that is not full, and the server browser always comes up with full games. I have to click the load more servers button like 30 times to come across a server with 1 freakin empty city slot and the city is usually in the crappiest location. Is there any possible way to filter the full servers ?
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User Info: cns1977

4 years ago#2
nope, unfortunately.

User Info: Dugger

4 years ago#3
That sucks.

About a week ago I started my own region since the others were full. I would have thought mine would have filled too.

Nope, after playing it solo for 4 days I got bored and quit.

I keep trying the game every few days but with no chance of joining games with others who will actually play..... whats the point?

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User Info: derp420

4 years ago#4
This board seems to be a pretty good place to find people to play with, and I'm sure there are plenty of other forums out there for it.

User Info: CELTEKK

4 years ago#5
Heh, myg0t. I remember you guys in CS 1.6. If you're looking for a region, I have an electronics city and a mining city in a region right now with no one in it. Send me your origin ID and I'll send an invite. Working on Arcology right now.
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User Info: tomjohnr

4 years ago#6
add me megate

User Info: I Like Toast

I Like Toast
4 years ago#7
From: I Like Toast | Posted: 3/22/2013 4:17:42 PM | #003
found this

use at your own risk, but see no reason to be concerned.
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User Info: bgfyankee

4 years ago#8
If someone would like to add me, please feel free. bgfyankee in there as well.

User Info: XlYesterdaYlX

4 years ago#9
add me too! xlyesterdaylx it's impossible to find a region with a spot to join. they're all full!

User Info: djmshs

4 years ago#10
i'm kinda new to the game, but anyone could add me as i am also looking for people to play with.

Orgin ID djmshs
PSN: djmshs
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