Apathy and refunds are more dangerous than piracy. (Tommy Refenes)

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  3. Apathy and refunds are more dangerous than piracy. (Tommy Refenes)

User Info: call of duty

call of duty
4 years ago#51
From: whitelytning | #003
4th. "People have to WANT to buy your software, people have to WANT to support you. People need to care about your employees and your company’s well being."

True, but if people can pirate your software they will not want to buy it.

That is not true at all, otherwise why are there any video game sales on the pc?
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User Info: Master of Hate

Master of Hate
4 years ago#52
It's a good read. I agree with a lot of it.

I think of companies/project managers who are essentially "Do not buy" indicators. Brad McQuaid, for example, is a game designer who was responsible for the abysmal failure that was "Vanguard", John Smedley and his slew of god-awful-terrible SOE games. EA now joined the ranks of "Do not buy" in my book, after not being able to play for the first 4 days nearly at all. Sure, some of the issues have been fixed, but there's still lots of bugs, and the server-side saving does absolutely *nothing* for me as a consumer (except offer the occasional rollback).

The big message I think game developers needs to take from this game is that you should design your game and it's infrastructure with your paying customers in mind, as they will provide you more customers via word of mouth. Trying to look out for your own profit margin with complete and total disregard for your fans will not only alienate them, but remind them to think twice about what they're paying for and who they're paying as well.
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  3. Apathy and refunds are more dangerous than piracy. (Tommy Refenes)

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