Pro Stadium problolems

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User Info: rikvanoostende

4 years ago#11
I Like Toast posted...
From: rikvanoostende | Posted: 3/26/2013 10:19:47 AM | #007
Yes, but I've got a 27 inch screen (asus vg278h) and even I have trouble finding every barrel and piece of wood to bulldoze when plopping something fails.

you know you can zoom in right? otherwise you may just want to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. If you're really having a hard time you can always take a park or something small and find where it highlights red to look.

Allthough my opinion of you remains undiminished, your snarky remark was totally uncalled for. But thanks for the park tip.
'The last game was a lot better. This one is just a dumbed down spinoff, unworthy of its title, made for casual gamers.'
- Any 'hardcore' gamer on every sequel
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