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User Info: schweedubz

4 years ago#1
So I hit up Origin customer service because I realized that I had two Origin accounts, one from college. I gave the customer rep my email and security answer, then entered my pw on their site, and he was able to give me an access code to obtain Mirror's Edge on my main account. In order to get my other game however, Crysis Warhead, I had to sign up with pogo.com and register a "classic" id on eagames.com. If you look at pogo.com...it has nothing to do with Crysis or any mainstream games. The rep assured me that this was necessary in order to let me download this game in Origin., but I don't remember having to do this when I bought the game in 2009. Was I just scammed by EA staff?

User Info: Antor

4 years ago#2
schweedubz posted...
Was I just scammed by EA staff?

You answered your own question already.
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