I think my city is permantenly messed up

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User Info: xeon555

4 years ago#1
So I finally came back to this game after giving up when it first came out. Patched everything up, and start looking for a game to join.

Only to find every game listed is full. No problem, I remember reading about finding cities through the city log. Everything is still full. Wait, the last city has an open spot.
I claim it quickly thinking I can finally get to play.

Come to find out the city was abandoned with no money, no population, only a few scant roads and an income of -$1,750/hr, And all 3 bonds have been taken out.

The game is at a standstill now. I can't unpause it because my income is negative. I can't get out of the red because it's an empty city.

Is there really nothing I can do to "reset" the city and pull it out of the red?

User Info: Tuvenia

4 years ago#2
Not that I know of, no.
The choices presented to you when you go bankrupt are all you can do.
And since the first three options are probably out of the question, your only choice is to abandon your city and start a new one elsewhere.

It's a really silly mechanic, since un-savable cities are just a waste of space and creates unnecessary clutter in the region and maybe on the server as a whole as the cities are stored there.
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  3. I think my city is permantenly messed up

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