Need a region to join, new player

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User Info: AvatarST

4 years ago#1
Can't find any via the browser. Ale0924 is my Origin username.

User Info: DJG230

4 years ago#2
Myself as well. Origin name: Randytastic
If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white

User Info: ZeoDragon

4 years ago#3
Sent you both a friend invite, have a region going on in North America East 1 server.

User Info: Blazefire_

4 years ago#4
Going to send you guys a invite to my region, I need some people in it, and extra resources would help!
XBL GT: Lethal234

User Info: US_SILENT

4 years ago#5
I need a region to join too. IGN: US_SILENT

User Info: kearnsy_22

4 years ago#6
aksparky35...Play ALOT, but can't find any else that plays. Please add me and I will play and help as much as possible. I send a TON of Simoleons to whomever I play the game with.
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  3. Need a region to join, new player

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