Who actually enjoys this game?

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User Info: mplarson

4 years ago#1
I've been thinking of getting SimCity. I've seen plenty of posts completely flaming this game, but based on what I've watched of the gameplay, it seems quite fun and enjoyable.

So for those of you who enjoy this game, what is it you enjoy and is it worth getting?

User Info: Lundiboy8

4 years ago#2
fun when it actually works

User Info: Belgarion05

4 years ago#3
It is really fun. For the first couple hours or so. Then you start to find all of the problems. I paid retail for it. I regret it. I have not played the game since the second day after I bought it. Even outside the bugs, it just feels a little dull.

I got Tropico 4 well before I got this game. If you're looking for a city builder, I would try it.
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User Info: OrangePoet

4 years ago#4
Most of the people who trash the game don't own the game, specifically Sedated.

That being said I enjoyed the game. I'm just gonna wait until Maxis fixes all of the problems before I start playing again.
It's not a matter of luck,It's just a matter of time

User Info: Hand7774

4 years ago#5
Games great and there are not as many problems as some make it out to be.

User Info: whemmy

4 years ago#6
I have lot of fun with the game.

User Info: Ave07

4 years ago#7
It's fun at the beginning and can get a bit dull when you have everything set up.

User Info: Antor

4 years ago#8
It's a fun game as many have said, for a few hours, then you fill in an entire city and have to start over. Loses interest very quickly. I'd look into a different game, this one just ain't worth it in my opinion.
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User Info: Hunter_mk

4 years ago#9
I had fun, but already lost 2 cities thanks to stupid server problems, and there are a lot of bugs, like trash not being handled, traffic, etc, overall I would avoid until it gets completely fixed
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User Info: Tenzhi

4 years ago#10
I've put nearly 60 mostly enjoyable hours into it, and I expect I'll put in a bit more and then likely be done with it unless some update pulls me back in. As far as I'm concerned, that's a respectable amount of play.
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