Best way to make money in the game?

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User Info: metroid888

4 years ago#21
TheLegendaryPie posted...
It surprised me that there is no topic like this already here. I think my best chance is electronics or gambling, because with gambling at least my budget can be in the green, but i never got my other casinos to be successful

Have you checked out my electronics guide? It's seven videos but if you want that extra detail to know what to build, how much and why it might be just what you're looking for. I have an update coming tomorrow that will reflect the more updated trade numbers but otherwise everything is still valid.
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User Info: kearnsy_22

4 years ago#22
Every time I start either a single player (private region) or multiplayer region, I start my first city wherever I want to and focus on the cheap stuff first, Coal, Ore, & Oil. Exporting those over time will help establish a profit and unlock each headquarters with a few upgrades. You have to be able to stockpile your resources then at midnight start exporting and try to reach the required sales numbers. I recommend a Trade HQ first and foremost above anything else because you can unlock the Trade Port and export more in a day than the Trade Depot. After awhile, electronics unlocks and then I start building and exporting those. Also build recycling plants can start you out just make sure all the modules are Plastic and Alloy, not metal. One factory first followed by another and maybe a third. After awhile you make enough to start importing plastic and later on Alloy. I usually don't build the TV/Computer factory because one they take up space and pollute and two the returns are okay, but just selling a bunch of processors (two or three fully upgraded plants) is better and faster. Most of my cities end up with close to 30-50 million Simeloens which I use to fund my other cities or help others in the region.

This is like many others that posted, so I help it doesn't sound reduntant! lmao

User Info: NoOneEvenCares

4 years ago#23
It is true that processors alone rake in quite the profit but the reason why TV/Computers are still worth it is because of the production rates (especially with full education boosts from a university). One processor plant produces enough processors for 2 Comsumer electronics factories, meaning you will have twice as many tvs/computers as you would processors just by adding the extra buildings and importing more of ONE resource.

It might not be apparent at first, but TVs are only Plastic and processors, and computers are only alloy and processors. Even though all 3 storage fill up by default, a TV or Computer only plant wont require any additional resources of that third type to produce so the profits are better than they may appear at first.

User Info: Brackie

4 years ago#24
Have the theatre, stadium and expo centre and you make hundreds of thousands

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#25
I always do tourist cities and never have problem with money. All you need to do is save enough until you get one of the high attractions sites, which start around 280k.

Best part about them is you can only place 3 max and they don't take up over the map like the other stuff. Every other spec takes up tons of space.

User Info: xoxide124

4 years ago#26
agree . just wish there was a better ledger of profit and loss.. i always look like i'm running negative even though i make money each hour / day etc

anyone have suggestions on how to understand the import export ledger .. is there even one thats worth looking at ?

User Info: sabon25

4 years ago#27
TheLegendaryPie posted...
How many trade ports / depots do you need, and how many processor/ tv factories do you need? I have seen videos that have like 7 processor factories, but doesn't explain how it works, or how many trade ports you need. Please do not link me to a 25 part series video list where each video is 20 min long

Ok, here is my tactic that gets me about 20 mil in about 4-5 hours from a fresh start.

First, find a plot of land that has at least ore and coal. While oil is more profitable as an export by itself, these two are more beneficial in the long run because plastic is cheaper to import than alloy by a rather large margin. So first, build a coal mine. While ore makes more money, coal also supports cloal power plants, which is what I use until I can safely use nuclear. Once you have it grown so it has all 4 add ons and 3 delivery trucks, make an ore mine. At this point you really only need one trade depot with two ore lots and two coal lots. If it gets backed up, make another depot. Then, make another ORE mine. Max that out as well. Then, at this point you should be able to build a smelting factory, or close to it, just wait until you get the access. Once that is made, build only alloy plants, eventually, when you get money, destroy the metal plant and make that an alloy as well. Anything made should be exported. About this time, I am also making a recycling center. I will have TWO ALLOY processors, one metal, and one plastic. Export anything that it produces. Eventually you can make a second one and have two plastic if you want. I found it benefits, but not substantially. Ok, at this point you will also want to have a grade school and high school. Now make a community college. That will riase your tech level up enough to have your industrial buildings upgrade to medium tech. ONLY HAVE ENOUGH FOR AROUND 5 INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS. Any more, and you are just sucking up workers. Also, I have like maybe 3 or 4 squares of commercial, thats it. Now, you can build a processor plant. Typically I try to have 3 of those. Two smelting plants, and 3 tv/computer plants. Depending on what great works you are going for, you can either just go all computer, which generators more money, or some tv some computer. That's about it. If you ahve questions of details, post and I'll respond.

This usually results in about 5-8 mil per day income.
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