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User Info: xoxide124

4 years ago#31
JBDevin posted...
xoxide124 posted...
JBDevin posted...
xoxide124 stop trolling

i am as disappointed with this game as everyone else. I do want my money back. HOWEVER i do take showers. So i can clean the sand out of places it shouldnt be :)

Make the best out of a broken game that you spent money on. You spent the money, so stop wasting your time complaining and play it. If that is to much to ask, Skyrim is always a good game to waste most of anyone's life on :)


HEY JB i'm not a troll so if you wanna throw insults around then go play in the sandbox with the other sript and troll kiddies..

i'm sharing information and will continue to do so not only here but in all groups i belong.. so thanks for leaving just a negative comment for no reason..

CHEERS yourself

i apolgize that u found my comment so negative. but complaining about features shown in a game trailer vs the real game happens almost all the time. Watch e3 sometime. to me that would be trolling

thank you and have a good day

The way you say something makes a huge difference.. and no i'm no trolling since i created this post in the first place

second i was updating it with information to someone elses observations as to not only trailer differences and image differences but a change in direction of functionality of the engine

this skim milk simcity post is about EA / MAXIS removing much of the code and changing directions very late in the game.. october is give or take..

I found your comment to be directly an attack since i'm not a troll nor am i a 2 yearold crying about sandbox difference in a game..

if you or anyone else here wishes to have my linked in profile and have a valid account i would be more than happy to show and share my background and experience with those whom are like minded.

I have never once posted in any of these groups an attack or put down a single user.. however i will defend myself and my position on any subject as a matter of ethics and free speech.

there his enough historical and information published at this point to share show and prove that the game now was at 3 different development points and fully working and changed again october to current release causing the problems we have.. This is a fact its not a fictional story about

I'm upset with what was in the trailer and not in the game.

no we have a situation where developers and demonstrations of the game showed fully functional differences and fully functional buildings and even core engine changes to glass box that are completely different to what was sold to the people and public..

This is miss direction, its at worse a bait and switch. It could be a lie or for all we know ea's / maxis servers died and they lost all the development code and had to start over in a rush to meet the deadline

we are going on 2 months since launch and the game is non functional.. unless you enjoy playing farmville then go to face book and knock yourself out

I respect your decission to object .. i even welcome someone opposing my point of view.. i will not tollerate a personal attack or being name called.. a troll a shrill or any other other negative word.. its uncalled for

i'm a person.. my name is Jeff.. i'm a IT / IS Director for a military firm and i have nearly 25 years of video game and graphics development along with beta testing with many firms under my belt.

I will show everyone same respect they show me.. if you disagree with something they say why you dissagree dont call someone a troll..

say i dont understand "x y z" .. and speak your mind.. i would do the same and expect that much at least

so peace.. cheers and understand i got snippy cuz you seemed snippy..


User Info: xoxide124

4 years ago#32
reference videos
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