Is this game worth buying, all i hear is hate for it

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User Info: BEAMS_ae86

4 years ago#11
If you make $10/hr? no

If u make $50+? sure
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User Info: wickdawg01

4 years ago#12
HyperShadow4321 posted...
I personally don't have any online issues. I've never had a city lost due to rollbacks or anything. I never play in public games though, just by myself - so maybe that has something to do with it.

The gameplay is fun though. I would say there are still a slew of gameplay bugs that you may or may not notice until later though. If you're not absolutely craving to play the game, then I would probably wait until more of the issues have been fixed or the price has been dropped.

Nope. I have never played in a public game and i have had 3 cities lost due to rollbacks and one entire region lost due to rollbacks. And no the cities were not in the region that was lost.
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User Info: rvnender

4 years ago#13
whemmy posted...
skrillas1337 posted...
you'll have fun with the game until traffic breaks your city. EVERY city.

Really, Traffic is what I prefer.. empty roads make me sick...

You say that, but just wait. I cannot count how many cities I have had to give up on because of traffic.
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User Info: moridin7632

4 years ago#14
Sealunar posted...
Always online brings along with it a handful of other issues. I've lost 5 cities because there were issues with it not being synced correctly. You can't choose to save the game, it just does it automatically when you quit, or some random time while you're playing.

The game itself is fun and overall well done, but the persisting issues would have me still not recommend it. You'll just be in for a world of frustration.


I do enjoy the game, 50+ hours played so far, but the amount of time I have lost due to not syncing up, rollbacks or just not being able to load my city is a lot.

I don't know if I could recomend it to someone due to these issues, but it is enjoyable when it doesn't screw me up.
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User Info: Galvatron Zero

Galvatron Zero
4 years ago#15
It is fun. I've enjoyed it. But there are number of bugs.

I gave up on a region because my best city got eaten due to rollback issues (private game, too).

Traffic can be a nightmare, especially with a tourist city.

Still, I keep going back to it. It's like an abusive relationship and I'm Rhianna.
Galvatron Zero
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  3. Is this game worth buying, all i hear is hate for it

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