is this game beautiful?

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User Info: sirwilliam0101

4 years ago#1
were talking visuals

User Info: ManiusPrime

4 years ago#2
It is ok. It is a city builder after all. Also, the graphics are a bit more cartoonish.

User Info: Lord_Badmagic

4 years ago#3
Volumetric smoke from power plants looks nice, other than that, na, nothing really and as above, its an overtly cartoon'ish look.
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User Info: SevenTenths

4 years ago#4
it's not going to blow you away like other games, but i think it's a nice visual

you can tweak the filters to alter the colors in one way or another.
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User Info: xoxide124

4 years ago#5
the fact that they took and used graphic effects to give you the feel of a camera filter is nice.. i like briliant .. but i noticed others like more warm.. and some color blind..

so yes.. its a visually very amazing city builder..

but thats where i draw the line .. after that i have more con then pro comments

the graphics team on the game and the graphics engine itself was very well done even with a few glitches i have seen with overlapping of layers which might or might not be drivers and objects or engine....dunno yet.. i noticed on one machine flickering buildings were much worse than on another of my machines with newer drivers and faster graphics card..

settings make a huge difference in this game visually..

so is it beautiful .. no .. is it a visually stunning game .. yea its up there with some of the best in game effects and feel.. which you can make as toonish or straigh lined as you like honestly.. but i think of it differently'

lens effects to a camera

we have most of these features on the androids and iphones.. so is it something i woudln't expect.. not sure..

User Info: poweryoga

4 years ago#6
looks ok, but nothing spectacular. It didn't blow me away like simcity 3000 did back in the day.

User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#7
Nope. They could've done a better job but they didn't because they wanted it to work on everyone's computers (I mean everyone's. Even your dad's PC according to the devs). The graphics are cartoony and could have easily been done 3-4 years ago.
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User Info: poweryoga

4 years ago#8
maybe it was done that way so they can port it to ps3 and xbox. Wouldn't surprise me.

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#9
Beautiful is a matter of opinion.

Some would go on to call CoD as graphically pleasing while most would just say brown and bloom.

It depends on what you consider to be beautiful.
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User Info: xoxide124

4 years ago#10
everyones posts is exactly why i was trying to use the term LENS effects

if you try to play the game in 3d it breaks.. you see no depth what so ever.. now if they were able to keep the visuals while doing 3d .. maybe then..

but yea its nothing your iphone or android can't do with filter effects so its not beautiful.. but is what i would kind of expect at minimum

i would enjoy supreme commander (3) with these type of graphics and visual effects if they kept with the quality of game play etc..
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