What is the one single feature which will make you love this game?

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User Info: NoOneEvenCares

4 years ago#11
Can't really name a single feature unless "a completed functional game" counts. The single thing I want the most right now (but that I will never get) is just a full refund.

User Info: darkace77450

4 years ago#12
LightHawKnight posted...
No more roll backs. Had two today and lost both my towns. Not going to play again till that is fixed.

I'm guessing that means you're not going to play again, ever. Let's face it, this is EA. EA doesn't care enough that you're losing cities to bother upgrading servers and they're sure as hell not going to reverse their always-online decision. So that means you're either going to have to live with the fact that your cities can and will vanish into nothingness or you're going to have to stop playing the game altogether.

User Info: ThirdDegree

4 years ago#13
There isn't one thing. Bigger city size, more mass transit options, one way streets, editing high way to go through city with multiple exits, sims actually being individual sims (not just numbers that migrate from closest home to closest car to closet job and in reverse when the day is over), offline option and not to charge us for all these things that should have been in this game from the start. Or they could just label it an extended paid beta and give us these in an update for a small fee. If they admit this game is incomplete I'd probably pay 10 bucks for a package with these upgrades. But we all know companies like EA don't admit mistakes and will charge for anything and everything they can.
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User Info: Hunter_mk

4 years ago#14
they need to fix the goddamn server problems and I may go and play this game again, thank god I still have the superior SC4 deluxe
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User Info: xoxide124

4 years ago#15
better and more comprehensive road contruction.. tunnels, bridges, interchanges, stop lights, stop signs, one way streets, turn latenes.. subways..

basically a whole new transportation engine that actually works and is more realistic..

after that


zone types and density.. along with the ability to choose architectural development directons.. track homes or condoes, regional influence and even more like planned communities.. churches.. etc

fact is real life has more options. the game has none and sc4 had more than this one so.. at least give us what sc4 had ..

User Info: Cin

4 years ago#16
I would love this game if it really does turn out to be the deathblow for EA.

Also, to fix the rollback BS, all you have to do is quit from the main menu rather than from inside the game. I haven't had a single one since I started doing that.
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User Info: Paranoia308

4 years ago#17
My currently "processing" cities being playable.
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  3. What is the one single feature which will make you love this game?

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