So now the DLC plan has expanded to buying toothpaste in real life?!?!

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User Info: Laylow12

4 years ago#1
This is the greediest, most disgusting and outright insulting incarnation of a beloved videogame series in history..

First of all...

Everything is broken.

Everything that matters like RCI balance, traffic, city services is a sham.. but now, we have a new way of earning $$$$ for EA crammed into the game. Buy products that EA has side deals with and we give you garden gnomes for your game!

First the Nissan Leaf "DLC" (advertisement)
Now we get "DLC" for buying the type of toothpaste that they want you to. Really?

This is not a game, it's a digital advertising machine, which rewards you for buying products that they have prearranged deals with.

They weren't concerned at all with the mechanics of your city working like a real city would, or at least like the earlier versions of the game with the expected "improvements" that eight years would afford them.

What they added was DRM, and an always open DLC store that beckons you to spend more money! That's why we're online after all. This "social region" that nobody wants is a huge joke.

So here we are, the year is 2013 and we've arrived at video game hell. For EA, games are no longer fun, they're merely another form of advertisement, one that you pay $60 for and are willingly devoting 100's of hours to until you find out your choices in the game don't matter.

Things don't make any sense but instead of fixing the game so it makes sense, we get what the teams been devoted to and that's churning out DLC that they have side-deals with. That's what they're priorities are, getting the side deals rolled out, so they can make money off them.

I wish they would have picked another game series to ruin because I really loved Sim City at one time. It was a charming escape from all the serious action type RTS games and shooters I play. Now it's a glitch filled cash machine for EA masquerading as a Sim City.

The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin

User Info: Antor

4 years ago#2
This ain't Sea World, this is real as it gets!

User Info: Sed

4 years ago#3

Don't forget slim jims, I have no idea what kind of content you get but according to every slim Jim you get free EA in game content...still love slim jims though.
NegiBozu203 posted...
Facts don't mean **** to me.

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#4
Not the first game to do this and certainly won't be the last.

Cherry picking things to use against EA, when EA wasn't the first nor last to do this kind of this thing.
"lol der was a shdow on my carpet but ti looked like a stane and tried to clen it up but ti was a shadoow" -Ghost4800

User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#5
I think your post pretty much sums up the debacle that is this game. I don't know who EA thinks they're fooling if they believe that gamers will sit by idly and purchase DLC for a fundamentally broken game.

As a side joke, anyone notice that the advertisement for the toothpaste DLC has a picture of a PS3 and Xbox 360?

LOL. Their marketing team is a joke.
Live long and prosper.

User Info: rikvanoostende

4 years ago#6
Yes! I want my fellow players to visit my city and see that I have gnomes as proof that I ordered american toothpaste online! Yay!

Seriously, what's this? Facebook? Paying money just to show my online 'friends' I paid money?
Let's agree to disagree.

User Info: SoulTrapper

4 years ago#7
LordPoncho posted...
Not the first game to do this and certainly won't be the last.

Cherry picking things to use against EA, when EA wasn't the first nor last to do this kind of this thing.

And that somehow justifies this?

Could you name me other companies doing this? Because I honestly can't think of any company that released a broken game for $60, hardly fixed anything and yet already has two DLCs/advertisements available, a month and a half after release.

Guess it's another one for the list:

1994: EA pressures Bullfrog to rush Ultima VIII: Pagan. Richard Garriott claims the game was "forcibly badly slashed & shipped", "cutting out huge swathes of the game all the way to the point where the cloth map was completely unrelated to the map of the real game because we threw out so many bits and pieces of it." The resulting game was viewed by series fans as a disappointment.
1995 - EA pressures Bullfrog to rush Magic Carpet II to market over the objections of Peter Molyneux, resulting in a buggy game.
1998 - EA acquires Westwood Studios. Many Westwood employees quit in protest.
1998 - EA acquires Virgin Interactive. Remember them? They used to make games based on Disney movies, as well as that 7up Cool Spot game. Well, they used to. They were currently working on an anticipated and controversial game called Thrill Kill. When EA acquired Virgin, they declared Thrill Kill too violent to be released, and killed it. They wouldn't even sell the game to another publisher, either.
1999 - EA pressures Origin Systems to cut corners and rush Ultima IX: Ascension to market, over the objections of the development team, resulting in a buggy game that many fans felt was unfinished. How did EA respond to the game's poor reception? They canceled all of Origin's planned projects and forced the developer to relocate, despite that many of their employees couldn't due to their family. Origin Systems limped on until 2004 when it died. Did you like the Ultima, Wing Commander, or Jane's Flight Sim series? Sucks to be you. Wing Commander hasn't existed since (save for Wing Commander Arena, which is nothing like the earlier games), and the only Ultima games released were a few Free to Play titles.
1999 - After being one of Sega's staunchest supporters for years, EA shows the Sega Dreamcast virtually zero attention. If you got a Dreamcast and were hoping to enjoy EA's latest big game, you were probably out of luck..
2000 - Westwood Studios' Nox, which was intended to be a multiplayer magical combat game inspired by Gauntlet, Magic the Gathering and Mortal Kombat, was released as a straightforward RPG at EA's insistence. But, hey! The game still turned out pretty good! Then EA got the IP rights to the game and removed server support for it, killing it.
2001 - EA closes developer Kesmai. Did you like the Air Warrior game series? Sucks to be you.
2001 - Bullfrog Studios merges with EA UK and is essentially shut down. Did you like the Populous, Theme Park, or Syndicate series? Sucks to be you. No more games in these series have been released (aside from handheld ports).
2002 - EA pushes for long-running strategy series Command and Conquer to be made into an FPS for some reason, resulting in Command And Conquer: Renegade. When the game bombed, EA shut down Westwood Studios.
2004 - EA closes Maxis's Walnut Creek studios and integrated them into EA's Redwood City offices. Maxis's logo was subsequently seen minimized increasingly more on their own products as EA's branding took over. EA also meddled with the products' development, naturally.
2004 - Multiple EA employees sue EA for forcing them to work long hours without overtime pay. EA settled the lawsuit for $30 million.
PSN: El_Coon

User Info: SoulTrapper

4 years ago#8
2004 - EA signs an exclusive deal with the NFL, the NCAA, and just to make things complete, the Arena Football League. This means, for all intents and purposes, that they are the only company that can release major football games. I mean, other developers could, but what would the point be, when consumers clearly prefer the actual teams and players? Not only did this give EA what amounts to a monopoly, but it killed the NFL 2K series, NCAA Football 2K series, and NFL Fever series. Did you like those games? Sucks to be you.
2006 - In Need For Speed: Carbon, EA tested the waters of charging players to not play their game. Players can pay money to unlock cars that are already in the game, instead of unlocking them the standard way. Later games in the series would continue to include this as well.
2008 - Spore gets shipped with SecuROM, a DRM software that limits the number of times you could install the game, despite that nowhere in the game's box or instructions are players notified of the software being present. It could've been worse, though - they were originally going to require that the game re-authenticate online every 10 days. On top of all of that, the game leaves files on the computer even after it is uninstalled. This has led to multiple class action lawsuits. Needless to say, all of this was over the objections of creator Will Wright.
2008 - Burnout Paradise gets DLC that gives gamers who pay an advantage against others. Additionally, the Big Surf Island expansion alters menus and stuff even if players haven't bought it, leading to menu selections that players can't use without getting a sales pitch for the expansion.
2009 - EA used NCAA players' likenesses in their games without the players' permission
2009 - Dragon-Age Origins adds a character into your camp who tries to sell you the expansion in-game. Because nothing helps to create immersion like a sales pitch for more game content!
2009 - EA closes Pandemic Studios. Did you like the Mercenaries, Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars: Battlefront, or Destroy All Humans series? Sucks to be you.
2009 - Madden NFL 10 nickels and dimes gamers with its Madden Ultimate Team mode.
2009 - NCAA 10's dynasty accelerators gave players with bigger wallets a way to bribe their way to get advantages over other players.
2009 - Changes to Battlefield Heroes in 2009 ensured that players essentially have to open their wallets to get better guns if they want to remain competitive.
2009 - The Sims 3 releases with a bunch of optional for-pay content on day one, very likely withheld from the game to make an extra buck.
2010 - EA removed the ability to play as the Taliban in Medal of Honor, an otherwise forgettable FPS, despite that it made sense in the context of the game's setting and story. So I guess EA's artistic integrity is clearly expendable if it runs into controversy, as long as that controversy isn't coming from actual gamers.
2011 - "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2" ad campaign. ~sigh~
2011 - EA pushes Bioware to rush Dragon Age II for release over the objections of developers. The result was a piss poor sequel.
2011 - Star Wars: The Old Republic was rushed to release. Many complained that the game was lacking in content.
2012 - Mass Effect 3's voice acting budget was slashed, causing characters to be cut. Additionally, executive meddling has been accused of being one of the causes for that game's disappointing ending. Oh, also, on-disc DLC. And to get all of the game's in-game expansion content, you're looking at spending $170. Thanks, EA!
PSN: El_Coon

User Info: SoulTrapper

4 years ago#9
2013 - The latest Simcity release's "Always-Online" fiasco, with the publisher luring reviewers to write misleading reviews by requiring that early reviews be done in EA's own offices. And then when the servers went down at launch, EA doubled down on claims that the game really, really required that online connectivity and totally wasn't just for DRM purposes (which was almost certainly an outright lie).
2013 - Real Racing 3 is released as F2P, making gamers pay to reduce wait times (instead of just for, you know, actual content).
2013 - EA terminates Sims Social, Pet Society and SimCity Social on short notice, screwing over players who put money into in-game content only to find that it will soon be unusable.
PSN: El_Coon

User Info: rikvanoostende

4 years ago#10
Thanks, nice summary; it did changed my opinion about EA from bad to worse.
I'll had to think twice before needing Origin for ME3 and SC2013 but bought it anyway. Maybe I'll think thrice next time.
Let's agree to disagree.
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