Has The AI Improved?

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User Info: Brackie

4 years ago#1
Havne tbeen playing for a few weeks...its a game I can only play in phases..but I got tired of elements of my city not working right and not knowing whetehr it was down to my management or the bad AI lol. Anyone noticed any improvements?

User Info: SlyClone2k

4 years ago#2
I won't get involved in opinion but it might help you to say which bits of the AI.

Have you read the In-Dev thread? There's a lot of fixing on the horizon.

"Have to start remembering there are 4 versions of reality.. past, present, Ea and pr.." - xoxide124

User Info: rikvanoostende

4 years ago#3
Simcity? Improved ARTIFICIAL intelligence?! Seriously, EA still has a lot of work to do on their REAL intelligence!
Let's agree to disagree.

User Info: Mentalpatient87

4 years ago#4
Nah, they're gonna try to sell you toothpaste instead.
"Star bringing purple! Star bringing yorbel! STOP BRINGING YORBEL! STOP RINGING YOUR BELL!"
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