On the way to 400k pop

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User Info: Zera_Fist

4 years ago#1
I'm now at 365k pop. I'll give you my situation so far

2 Streetcar depot(well 3 but one is closed), 1 bus terminal, average waiting time for both at about 40 min(fluctuates). Traffic... well... none, unless you count a red light
2 elementary school, 1 grade school, 1 college and 1 university(level 3). Extra seats 2k
1 large fire station(4 trucks), 1 large police station(22 cop cars), and 1 Hospital(lots of stuff in there)
1 dump, 2 incinerator, 3 recycling center(one of which who has no collection truck). Collecting all done by 1 p.m.
1 processor factory, 1 tv/comp factory, 1 trade depot with a train depot, plastic, alloy, processor, tv and computer add-on, trade center fully upgraded and Electronic HQ fully upgraded. Daily profits about 1.5 mil
Hourly expenses -30k to -35k
Great work a solar farm
Neighbors: 1 city with about 40k pop for workers for the great work and extra add-ons for the city hall
Pop wealth: 60% $, 35%$$ and 5% of the pop is $$$ wealth
Tax rate for residents is : 7%$, 6%$$ and 5% for $$$ wealth
Homeless: 0

We are on the way to 400k pop, we just need for our new residential area to densify. We tried to always keep an eye on the detail info in the population tab. Our jobs we keep at about 1k extra jobs for each wealth lvl. Keep consumer satisfied at all wealth lvl. The bus/streetcars stops were getting full quickly so we put some extra stop between each full stops, because they were all placed at specific spot and at equal distance. So putting the extra stops fixed our problem. We just don't see our city getting to 600k pop because we are literally out of room and I don't want to destroy high wealth for more low wealth residential areas.

Some pics : http://imgur.com/a/o7Xoi

we'd like some input to reach the 400k mark thanks
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User Info: FluffyKidJoe

4 years ago#2
Large cities in this game always seem to end up looking really ugly. A result of the small map sizes I guess.

User Info: Laylow12

4 years ago#3
Good job
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User Info: jaijasty2

4 years ago#4
u mean 50k sims and 250k phantoms. But anyway, NICE JOB. I think u shouls probably get 1 or 2 more cities/neighbors. Not too close or there will be traffic and the end of your city.
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