air pollution

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User Info: lilboycano101

4 years ago#1
Yeah air pollution is killing a town that is going great... everything im doing right smooth next thing you know i have a hole bunch of sick sims then i look at my air pollution alllllll over the place wth! is going on here everything that makes air pollution is getting blown away no where near my people -.- come on maxis get it right i really love this game but when i finally get things right now air pollution is just killing/ making people really sick come on now!

User Info: JBDevin

4 years ago#2
large population also create pollution. traffic, garbage, large buildings, ect. my solution is having a hospital as center to my plot as possible. That helps dramatically. not the best of solutions, but it is very effective

User Info: lilboycano101

4 years ago#3
i just have 11k of people and no traffic at all....

User Info: EliteError

4 years ago#4
EA look like they are fixing this issue.

Not sure when we will see the fix though ..
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User Info: Hunter_mk

4 years ago#5
the huge question is how many bugs will the fixes bring, and so on
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