Please help me save my city!

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User Info: Dalkin

4 years ago#1
So I need some help. I made a city with the intention of specializing in electronics. The plot I chose was Magnolia Wetlands as I wanted the challenge of working around a lake in a limited area. I knew that in order to get to that point, I needed to focus strongly on education.

The problem is that my industrial area is very limited - small, as I intended to rip it out and put in a processor plant as soon as possible. I was doing well until suddenly, it imploded on itself and now no one can ship freight or find workers for no discernible reason. It is also the only city in the region currently. Its sitting at a population of between 30-40k. Now what's happening is that industrial plants pop up - can't ship freight or find workers so they close down in a few minutes. I make a few thousand an hour and then it trickles down to the red until I bulldoze and rebuild. I'm baffled because this shouldn't be - IMO, there should be an unemployment crisis, but while I'm forced to keep bulldozing them, its impossible to have them expand to technically advanced industrial buildings. My city is cannibalizing itself. When I'm forced to, I rise taxes to 20% for all and wait a few hours until I get $100,000.

Now, I'm away from my home PC so I'll try to describe the layout as best I can.
North is the top.

- Around the centre lake is one of those wide street car avenues. On the north east peninsula, this avenue hugs the coast line. My industrial area is to the left of this road and to the right is my recycling depot. Right now, the recycling depot makes me enough money per day - about 30k in plastics and metals to just stay above the sinking point.

- The North pinnacle is where my trade depot and garbage is. The trade depot has two freight warehouses, plenty of trucks and a plastics and metal storage lot. I am considering building a municipal air port on this island too since the space is largely wasted (it had industrial buildings on it too, but they could never find workers). With the trade depot so close, I am curious as to why the nearby industrial zone cannot ship freight.

- The very small island on the east point has my coal power plant.

- The south point - that large chunk of land is my residential area. Right now, there are a lot of sky scrapers to the southern portion, but not as many to the north portion. Ideally, I want to build up - not out. There is no commercial demand - only residential and industrial.

- The large island to the Northwest was intended as an educational hub. Currently it has a collage and university a water treatment plant and a seaport to help with freight. While I Wanted a little bit of residential, I found myself having to zone for quite a lot of it - much more than intended to keep myself afloat. I would like to tear out about 50% of these residential zones soon.

Whew, that was a lot.

What is boils down to is that I know my industrial can keep me in the green - because it does before they go out of business. Despite having a trade depot right across the bridge, they refuse to use it and I never see anything in there. The sea port may have helped a little, but the improvement wasn't all that great - I'm reluctant to zone an airport.
I'd zone more commercial (and I did too on my Northwest island originally), but I see no demand for it. Despite only having such few limited places to work, and having streetcars/busses/the widest road possible going to my industrial zone - no one is going there! Furthermore, I need to build my residential UP not out.

What do I do? Should I maybe make another city and have them commute to Magnolia? I think I can make profit on my services - water, recycling as those are upgraded to the fullest. I'm reluctant to try that because last I played that feature was glitched and my cities refused to talk to each other. :/
-This post is in no way shape or form a TOS violation-

User Info: ertfert

4 years ago#2
check the population tab, if it says theres unfilled jobs, zone more residential of that wealth class
its most probable that you just have a need for a certain wealth class

for the freight, the industries do like to complain about shipping freight a lot
if you have a trade depot that isnt full, theyll complain for a while, remember where the trade depot, then forget again, etc.
doesnt seem to be very consistent, even if your trade depot is right next to a factory
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