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User Info: ThirdDegree

4 years ago#1
My girlfriend was looking forward to getting this game for her mac and we could play together. Last time I checked a month ago it was scheduled for a June 11th release. Now I check and it has been pushed back until August. I wonder if they think they are going to get 60 dollars for this game 5 months after its original release. I haven't played this game in a month or so and have been waiting for the Mac release. Who knows if I'll even care by August.
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User Info: alcoholado

4 years ago#2
It´s out now for Mac. But 60 bucks!!...

nope. I´ll wait.
GT: Coyoteman

User Info: Tmoney51691

4 years ago#3
I believe if you pre-ordered the game for Mac, then it is out now. If you didn't pre-order, you have to wait until August.
GT: CutthroatTyler
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