So should I buy this?

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User Info: Watmanwat

3 years ago#1
Are all the bugs fixed? Do you always have to be connected to the internet, etc?
GT: Ace 0f Clubz <-- 0f has a zero.
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User Info: Watmanwat

3 years ago#2
Bump. Can somebody help out? Should I buy this game?
GT: Ace 0f Clubz <-- 0f has a zero.
Other Level Racing #1180

User Info: Gastroid

3 years ago#3
If you want an answer, then it's no.
Nirodha Syroid
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User Info: Mentalpatient87

3 years ago#4
In order: no, no, and yes. This game is still a blight. Stay away. Get CitiesXL or SC4 if you want to build cities.
Glory to Arstotzka!

User Info: final_kaoss

3 years ago#5
Yes you should get it. I've put in over 200 hours with it & still having a blast playing it :P

User Info: game_man1

3 years ago#6
If you don't have a solid internet connection, then no. Otherwise its a fun game.

User Info: Ravid182

3 years ago#7
I always felt a lot of the problems were not the bugs, but the general philosophy of their design that ruined a great formula. The bugs were just the extra bit of *special*

User Info: AtmosOmega

3 years ago#8
Absolutely not.

Between the broken promises (which were all but flat out lies) and the complete lack of effort put into the mechanical craftwork, SimCity 13' isn't so much a game as it was an experiment by EA to see how ready the market was for the future Always Online Hell they want to push onto consumers.

Apart from modern graphical tech and brand recognition, SimCity 13' offers literally NOTHING to the consumer that can't be found in other city builders or even its 10 year old predecessor.

If you don't like what a gaming company is trying to force upon you and the market, don't buy that company's games.
Cruel DRM can only flourish if you let it.

User Info: drointhewind

3 years ago#9
Never buy EA games, as a rule of thumb. Its the taco bell of games developers. If you buy, dont complain about diarrhea
On DLC: ""You know what would make this better? Paying more money."-

User Info: Ravid182

3 years ago#10
I can't imagine they have changed the game so much compared to what it used to be. The problem wasn't all the bugs or the terrible always online thing, and all the server issues/ect, those were their own problem, but the core basic design of the game down to its core was just completely insane the way they made it. The things they have to change would likely involve a lot of rebuilding the game from the ground up. Which is a bummer because behind all that there is actually some really cool city building things IN that game.

Sim City's one potential salvation is I hear they are opening it up to mods more soon but I know not to what extent.

At this point though... just buy an older version of sim city or an alternative product as they are all 200x better than this sadly. But mods MAY change things.
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