The REAL Price of SimCity (2013)

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User Info: jaijasty2

3 years ago#1
Well, basically 105$ without tax in NA.

Just Kidding.
But it really is just $105 based on the origin site w/o sale prices
SimCity Plus Edition - $59.99
SimCity Digital Deluxe Upgrade Pack - $20.00
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Add-On - $9.99
Amusement Park Add-On - $9.99
Airships Set - $4.99
Rest of the DLCs are free as of 6th of February 2014
Sub-Total: $104.96
See it here
Guess they might add 2 more expansions so probably $150 at most (Sims 3 is about 1,000 WTF?)

Wouldn't really pay $105 anyway. Even if so, they expect their customers to spend 100+ money on their games and then say that the computers aren't powerful enough to have bigger maps. $100 [AMD because cheaper for same quality/graphics] can get u a good mid-ranged graphics card more than capable at running 4K resolutions for 30-70fps $300 could probably get u one which could run 8K. They got a load of bulls*** going on.
Probably worth more like $40 and $60 at most. The game isn't as bad as it used to be especially with patch 10 on the way. Even SimCity 4 Deluxe could still be better in some aspects of the game such as dang traffic but sucks at some such as commute time and dumb AI but the mods can still fix some of these issues such as AI and really still keeps SC4 alive. I can see as soon as the patch 10 releasing, SC4 will die, quick and painlessly. D:
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User Info: Lord_Vader

3 years ago#2
Err SC4 has a really active community and I don't think patch 10 for SC2013 will kill SC4 since SC2013 is already dead to begin with. Just look at these forums. Plus we don't even know how much they'll let us mod the game. If the modding is not the same breadth and depth as it is in SC4, then I don't see SC4 "dying" anytime soon.
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User Info: TFHDeathUA709

3 years ago#3
Yeah. I'm going to wait and see how the patch actually performs before guessing what's going to happen.

I mean look at what we expected at launch versus what we got. The tried to "fix" the traffic like 8 months ago but pretty much everyone agrees it didn't do much. Not sure why we should have so much faith in this latest patch before it's released.
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