Recycling problem

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User Info: Midnighthobo89

3 years ago#1
so i have a 180k pop that is producing ~15k recyclables a day, but only 1/3 of it was getting picked up. traffic in my city is not bad, it shows everything getting picked up on the waste graph but then it says 5k/15k same for garbage.. even though both seem to be getting picked up. i have 4 centers around my town, and no matter if i have 1 or 4 it tells me it picked up the same amount, but then when i look at the waste graph it showed i didnt pick everything up (with just 1 running) vs i picked everything up (with all 4), but it still says i didnt. is this a bug and the game is just telling me theres garbage when theres not?
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User Info: SZJerkXXI

3 years ago#2
Haven't played in a while but let's see.

The garbage building (forgot it's name) picks up garbage in your city.
The more trucks you have the more you pick on a daily basis.

Recycling is done by another building and it recycles the garbage in your garbage building rather than in your city.
It also transfers more amount with more trucks.
And recycles more garbage with an extension (like the wind power plant with extra plants)

So either:
1- you aren't picking all of the garbage in the city
2- you aren't moving enough garbage to the recycling factory
3- your recycling factory can't keep up with the amount of garbage you have.
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