Is there a way to level land?

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User Info: Arrowsedge89

3 years ago#1
I just got the game and I am having fun with it, but is there a way to level the land? For example my city is near a mountain kind of terrain, and I can't build on it with it being that steep. Is there a way to make the land level and take out the mountain? Maybe some landscaping feature that I am just not seeing? Thanks in advance!
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User Info: iRiceBall

3 years ago#2
Unfortunately, no is the answer to that. As you build more buildings, roads, and zones the ground automatically levels. If you using different road tools use m to make the road higher, and n to make it lower. that may or may not help :).
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User Info: Mentalpatient87

3 years ago#3
All the bad press and a dead board less than a year after release and you still spent money on this turd?
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