Project Orion issues

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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

3 years ago#1

For what its worth (this board is absolutely dead). I decided to check out SC5 again. I download the PO mod, and my boarders extend just fine. I can build roads outside the standard boarders. I cant zone for s*** outside the borders though. I build reg road til i get to standard boarders, then switch it to region roads like the mod stats, no dice. Anyone else have the issue? Also I installed a slew of mods this creator has worked with, one being the camera mod, and my zoom in/out is very sensitive. In fact theres only like 2 options, zoom way out or zoom way in. Another thing on the PO mod, it seems with most of the things you can select (roads, zones, etc), I have my mouse cursor, and the the actual spot of placement is way north of the cursor. Anyone else experience this?
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User Info: daffu

3 years ago#2
I stay away from the extended borders just because it is so buggy. It is really cool that it was modded, but too many little quirks and workarounds are needed to use it properly. From what I gather the easiest way to work with Project Orion is to use the RCI Plopper mod, but I don't like to use that because although it gives you a lot of freedom it doesn't feel as organic.
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