If you kind of like this game but feel you want more, do yourself a favour

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User Info: Hypereia

4 years ago#11
From: Madelle | #010
Unfortunately, Gangsters: Organized Crime becomes unplayable late game. You get spammed with messages every 2 seconds as your hoods see rival gangmembers on the street. Then they start shooting at each other, the police intervene and suddenly it's world war 3 and half your crew is lying dead in the street at the end of the week. Or maybe thr rival gang is having a shootout with the police, one of your boys passes by and suddenly decided he wants in on the action and the action escalates from there. Every week pretty much becomes all out carnage with little you can do to prevent it.

I loved the game. I have a lot of fond memories from the game, such as when I hired about 20 talentless mooks with no skills, gave them guns and sent them to storm a rival gang's headquarters. Only one of them survived but they got the job done. Sadly, there were elements that were close to broken.

Your post genuinely made me laugh, thank you for this.
Origin/BF3: Hypereia

User Info: Mocking Crow

Mocking Crow
4 years ago#12
steker16 posted...
From: raichudl | #006
So I hear, people missing at 97% three times in a row.

thats called bad luck, not a bug..97% =/= 100%

Yea, or its as buggy as as Xcom...?

Ive played plenty of turn based games with % chance to hit/miss, and statistics + common opinion suggest Xcom developer got screwy somewhere in the code.

I refer back to my 5 map "study" on xcom where I missed 65.5% of my 60%+ shots. That was done after i had initially noticed the rather high chance to miss, regardless of the % the game was giving me.

Statistically speaking, out of 100 shots of just flat 60%, you should hit ~60% of the time. Its the purpose of %, and statistics with numbers is based on estimation, hence the "~60%"

What is the more likely, missing 3, 97% chance hits/shots in a row, or the game isnt calculating some factor properly in the visual % that it supplies the player, but still properly calculates it when the shot is actually made?

.03%(chance to miss) x 3(3 in a row) = .000027% chance of happening, yet Ive seen it in various games. Silent Storm is a pretty accurate game, yet ive seen it happen on some of my sniper shots with 99% chance, twice in a row. It just a hell of a lot more frequent in xcom, and im hearing the same about this game.

PS. Gangsters was awesome
Normal was defined by an arrogant or closed minded man who knew too little.

User Info: poorrabbit

4 years ago#13
Nickclone2 posted...
This game is surprisingly buggy as well...

That is the curse of pretty much all Kalypso games. The publish stuff that has so much wasted potential. I'm a sucker that keeps buying them hoping "maybe this game will be the one they get right".
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