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User Info: Lstanley84

5 years ago#1
Am I missing any extras in the game? I have beat it and used the pickaxe in the forest of nus, otts lake, the cave, and fire island. Are there other maps to use it in? Also, does anything ever come of the puzzle box thing after you give it to the guy in the well? For 3 days he has told me that he can't solve it. Are there secret maps to still unlock? I'm just wondering if I'm really done with the game or not.

User Info: SaikiTakaya

5 years ago#2
keep going back to him. A maze-like map will open with secret passages that have good items. It also has a boss rush in the end where you fight all the bosses one after another. Also have you talked to the guy on top of the watchtower in the port city? it'll open another map

User Info: Lstanley84

5 years ago#3
Thank you!

User Info: bunnycuppycake

5 years ago#4
After unlock the puzzle you going to open the ??? extra map and the whale bay map (talk to the old man at light house)

User Info: thekidwonder

5 years ago#5
If you talk to the guy who gives you the pick axe again, he'll make three fairly good items for you.

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